ChallengeIT and the service contract / the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Nature is our role model...


... because it is fascinating how it continuously develops procedures, processes, systems and strategies. At ChallengeIT the kangaroo represents this strength of ours. Why? Actually, a kangaroo is able to adapt breast milk on different teats in the bag to the needs of the young to be nursed. In addition, kangaroos are able to influence the growth of their embryos in order to be able to raise their young (unscathed) even in the most adverse conditions. For example, it will grow much slower or only when the conditions are favorable again. That is exactly aligned to the actual need. That is exactly how it should always be with a service agreement.

What should an SLA contain?

When creating a Service Level Agreement, several approaches can be taken between the two extremes: "we want everything to work out exactly" (but the document is not quite ready yet) and "we decided to get involved as much as we can" (this two-line is quickly created) can be arranged.

An SLA should contain, in addition to the classic parts of a document (such as title, version, date, mailing list (all recipients)) something like a cover sheet, a foreword, and a few lines of purpose. It should include a letter of intent on cooperation, information on the nature of the agreement (framework agreement / cooperation agreement / service agreement, etc.) and the cooperation chosen. This agreement may be the provision of a service or a kind of "extended workbench" with the agreement of cooperation.

In addition, it is important to take a look at the details of the agreement. Above all, the business purpose and the objective could be regulated, supplemented by a description of the service provider(s) and customer(s) as well as the general service goals (quality and quantity). The Agreement has to be expanded and detailed further by a description of the Service(s), their term(s), scope of service, the entire service chain, quality of service(s), duties to be performed, cost, payment, reimbursement and bonus arrangements, followed by useful references regarding the agreed call, the proof of the service (monitoring & evaluation) and the billing.

A service description

Importantly, a service description takes into account both the view of the service user and the service provider, as both often have different expectations and goals in practice, which can lead to mutual communication and comprehension problems. This is to be avoided by clear, transparent and for all sides comprehensible service descriptions including the associated scope of services. If these are designed using a value chain, it is very likely that service providers and service users will meet at the right point - perhaps even in the middle. The service provider could e.g. start at the hardware level and work his/her way to the business process, while a service user would start with the business process and head out to the hardware from there.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

At this point we are working with the image of a double helix in which two pairs of bases always have to fit together in order to result in something whole and complete. With this goal in mind, we use appropriate tools, methods, and experiences to identify, describe, and standardize IT services so that they can be assessed, evaluated (financially), and accounted for. Simply put, we make sure that the whole thing is fully described.

If required, we are happy to assist the negotiation with the customers. In close consultation with you, we also gladly take on the optimization and further development of existing agreements, focusing in particular on the areas that are crucial for you. The focus of our advice is also to find the right combination of agility, flexibility and standardization of a service for your organization. Although standards provide basic criteria, they do not provide universal solutions. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach that aims for long-term improvements: from the competence carrier to a reliable and competent service provider.

A rough overview of our services:

  • Creation of new or analysis and, if necessary, optimization of existing service contracts and service catalogs
  • Creation of new service catalogs and contracts in collaboration with your experts
  • Support with the implementation of agreements in your own organization, if necessary, with the help of third parties (upon consultation)
Contracts are known to be only as good as they are implemented and controlled. If required, we will also advise you after the conclusion of an agreement, as already monitoring with the help of suitable key figures may reveal new potential for improvement. Your contract is involved in a process that should evolve with the circumstances. Take advantage of this potential!

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

What is your advantage?

    • A compilation of the services you offer in a service contract (SLA) including
      • a description of who provides (service provider) and to whom is delivered (service user). What (service) is performed / delivered, in which quality (quantity and quality), for which period (duration of agreement). 
      • a description of the process for measuring and proving quality (provided or received) for both parties. 
      • criteria that determine the quality and assess an availability as given / not given and the SA / SLA as "fulfilled" or "not fulfilled".
      • the consequences that a non-compliance will have (both sides).

We take care of the complete disassembly of the offered services into individual, logical components, allow the allocation of prices and quality criteria, of a minimum effort required and various thresholds that mark an excess or minimum load limit. The compilation provides the ideal basis for sound financial planning, facilitates a precise grip on the appropriate adjusting screw and allows for an optimum capacity and resource planning.