IT in the customer business

Having money available around the clock, being able to access your account from anywhere at any time, being allowed to use plastic instead of "paper" - for several years now, the number of options and variants of spending money has been increasing with an ever-greater stroke rate. On the other hand, there is the need to earn money in advance, at the same time or slightly later. To increase revenue without active involvement, use credit lines, arrange accumulated accounts at cut-off dates or engage in global securities trading. Thanks to the progress of digitization, this is possible from almost anywhere today. Access to a data network and an input / display unit is completely sufficient. The access data we have obviously, also thanks to Mobile TAN, always available.

On the other hand, the expectations have changed. 50 years ago, you had just "bad luck", if you missed the opening times of a bank and had to settle in case of doubt appointments or (let) write letters. After 1967, the "advance" of ATMs began and since then, the banking business with customers has changed significantly.

In the insurance business, the change did not affect the customer relationship as extensively. Thus, call centers have been created that also cover the evening and the night hours and whoever has a question about insurance or would like to report an insurance claim can do so almost around the clock by using the internet or by phone. Tariffs or standardized inquiries can also be accessed and edited on the internet. The insurance product has a similar but less critical value compared to money. However, this shows clearly when you need both. While money is relatively easy to borrow or lend, a transfer of insurance plays in a different league - if possible at all, of course.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Customer and needs-oriented IT

If a customer encounters a consultant to talk about existing or new contracts, something is certainly not far away: A stationary or mobile terminal with access to the corporate network or offline data. With the bank primarily stationary and online, with insurance, this may be less urgent.

Here you can notice another change. For the advisors, counseling is increasingly involving the possibility of selecting products or tariffs and their condition (s), paired with the information provided by the customer, in standardized masks or entering them there. In a next step, a not inconsiderable amount of help texts and explanations should be printed and signed. If the data entry fails, a conclusion could also fail.

If the service of an IT organization aligns with the business process, this should result in a simplification. For consultants and customers, simplifying data collection and selection is a decisive advantage. The time gained can be invested in an additional demand inquiry - customer and consultant may win both - not least trust in each other.

In the hands of trained consultants, optimal software (based on optimal hardware) shows its true strength: an optimal process only gets better through optimal implementation!

At the heart of process optimization is an analysis of demand. It provides comprehensive insights and allows the effectiveness, adequacy and performance of existing business process IT support to be assessed. With a view to your desired goals, current and future requirements are formulated and documented in a target concept. What is to be optimized and in what steps is also content of the concept, which after completion serves as a success check. We take over the analysis and the conception for you before we "get our hands dirty" together and implement it.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

What is your advantage?

Growth without growing

This means: Increased performance without own additional costs. Optimization is an adjusting screw to achieve higher performance goals under the given circumstances. For it to be effective as a measure of continuous improvement, optimization must be anchored in the minds and expressed in actions. The ChallengeIT consultants strive to ensure with their expertise and commitment that optimization processes in the organization continue to be effective.

We support you

      • to discover optimization potential
      • to develop change strategies 
      • to specify requirements and accompany their implementation
      • to make it easier for your colleagues to collaborate with customers

Everything for the sake of healthy growth! Talk to us, we look forward to it.