Service agreements

It’s good to know what you’re entitled to

Service agreements provide clarity
Service level agreements (SLAs) form the basis of your partnership with your customers and IT service providers. In these agreements, you define the desired range of IT services and their quality as well as determine the keystones of your partnership. When laying down the terms of an SLA, it is imperative that the fulfillment of your expectations can be verified.

Focusing on what’s important

Clarifying each and every detail of an SLA often turns contract negotiations into a drawn-out effort that ties up resources and capacities in your company. In close consultation with you, we assume the task of optimizing and refining the SLAs for your company and, in the process, focus on the areas that are particularly crucial to you.

Our services at a glance

  • Analyzing and, if needed, optimizing existing agreements
  • Creating new agreements in close consultation with the legal experts of your choice
  • Assisting you in the implementation of agreements

Fresh potential is revealed in the real world

Agreements are only as good as their implementation and monitoring. We also advise you after the conclusion of the agreements if this is needed. After all, new potential for improvement might come to light as the service agreements are monitored. Your agreements are part of a living process that should continue to evolve with the situation. Tap this potential!

What you can expect when all is said and done

  • Unambiguous prices for services (basis for quantifying)
  • Creation of monitoring opportunities (basis for monitoring)
  • Customer and service-provider satisfaction (basis for success!)