Just as in other industries, the distributor is an important gateway to the customer for the automobile manufacturer as well. While in the past it was certainly possible for the distributors to decide on their own which products to include in the assortment (and how much they were marketed), this situation has changed with the addition of IT services. Furthermore, the distributor has much important information through his direct contact with the customer. For the manufacturer, not only the wishes of the end customer, but also the wishes of the distributors are of crucial importance for successful sales of products and services. The distributers must achieve their objectives with their customers "faster" than before. The customers use IT services such as comparison or test portals to form their own opinion, to learn the opinion of third parties and to compare that opinion with their own. Their knowledge has improved thanks to resourceful IT service providers, the information base has increased and decisions are made today at a different detail level. 

As a manufacturer, besides having good products, it is now important to reach customers with the new possibilities of communication. This is especially true when the customer is waiting for a service to be completed that is required after the purchase of the product. Maintenance, care and repair will always be a challenge for the customer. Especially if he has to do without the product during this time, has no replacement and relies on third parties.

What can ChallengeIT do for you?

A wisdom from the birthplace of the automobile: „Schwätze musch' mit de Leit!" 

(swabian for: “It is important to maintain communication at all times!")

We support you in optimizing your (internal) communication processes. Good external communication is based on perfect communication in the company. The first step is to determine which communication channels are used for which information. A first look at the available and used IT components, which should ensure consistent communication, helps to do so. A survey of process participants (at all three levels, i.e. manufacturer, distributor, customer) makes it possible to become aware of already recognized weaknesses and risks as well as strengths and opportunities in communication. This step is followed by the review of existing communication policies and work instructions and employee training documents. We compare these documents and guidelines with the actual information needs in "your" communication chain and identify any gaps. Afterwards, we derive measures for their elimination. Now, at the earliest, the answer to the question of an IT solution that closes the gap (s) on a permanent basis and ensures a complete distribution of information and targeted communication has to be investigated

We compare these documents and guidelines with the actual information needs in "your" communication chain and identify any gaps. Afterwards, we derive measures for their elimination.

We are looking forward to your message!

What can ChallengeIT do for you?

The availability of the right information is an advantage.

"This information I have to look up for you" should be the motivation to have an answer ready next time. Who always takes care of the answers to the questions of their customers in advance is more relaxed in a sales pitch and shows up as a competent partner.

ChallengeIT staff help you to be sure in your department:

  • to always have the latest version of important information
  • to keep valuable information save and to use it purposefully
  • to revise information in a targeted and correct way (editorial process)
  • to process incoming information correctly and to react appropriately to it
  • to design outgoing information to help the recipients and not to puzzle them
  • to have fulfilled your share in the value chain excellently.