ISO Standards

Create the foundation for innovation

Standards are experiences in their purest form
Standards are not roadblocks. Rather, they are launchpads for innovation. For this reason, standardized security and service management take aim at increasing competitiveness by improving IT performance and quality.

The road to success: Plan – Do – Check – Act

Quality standards have become a proven part of IT. They help IT provide high-quality services at an optimal benefit-to-cost ratio. We support you in creating, applying, using, monitoring, maintaining and continuously improving standards. The standard ISO optimization model Plan – Do – Check – Act underpins our core philosophy and all our actions.

Focusing in on the whole picture

So that you can provide and manage your IT services on the basis of defined quality, we specify and document the minimum requirements for processes and implement these at your company in accordance with the predefined standards for IT service management. In standardizing your information technology management system, we consider the risks faced by the entire organization.

Benefit from our expertise

Our auditors are ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certified. In the period preceding an audit, we can determine if the current state of your IT organization meets the quality standards you aim to achieve. We can also conduct an official audit of your IT organization. An uncertified audit can also help you to identify areas needing improvement. Benefit from the experience and expertise of our auditors!