Differentiation of services

When using an external employee, a company meanwhile  expects that the "individual resource" works independently of instructions and is never "part of the work organization." Also, it should be noted that subordinate, simple tasks are generally a stronger indicator for the integration into a foreign work organization in comparison to higher-level activities. When billing services, ChallengeIT differentiates between consulting service (enhanced services), support service (simple services) and co-operation (subordinate services). In addition, services can be roughly divided into 'basic services', 'additional services' and 'service packages'.

Anyone who wants to offer (simple) cooperation in the processes and work organization of a customer must think extensively about the type of assignment, the implementation and the acceptance of the respective service. The focus here is on basic and additional services of packages.

Support services
Support services should also be considered in advance in terms of assignment, implementation and acceptance of the respective service. The focus here is on the definition of service packages, the implementation of which will be billed after completion.

Consulting services
Consulting services offer the special advantage that they are rarely incorporated as a frequently recurring task in a customer's work process. The description of the tasks, their retrieval, content and quality need not necessarily fulfil the same degree of detail as in the description of cooperation or support services. Both service packages as well as basic and additional services are used.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Compliant description of the services

If an agreed service can only be initiated and demanded via a direct instruction by the client, this potentially jeopardizes the uniqueness of the self-employment and thus also a "clean" cooperation with the customer. Classical project management as well as tasks in software development appear in a whole new light. It is important to exclude the need for any instruction and to emphasize the independent execution of the tasks.

Together with you, ChallengeIT will create an image of your services within a correspondingly detailed service catalog that contains a clear description of each service and the associated call procedure by an authorized group of employees of the customer. We use appropriate tools, methods and our experience to identify and properly describe and standardize relevant services so that they can be quality-rated, evaluated financially and linked to a billing model.

The descriptions of the individual services in the service catalog then correspond at least to the contents of a requirement specification*. However, they contain further information that could also be found in a specifications book**.

The catalog therefore contains detailed information on the requirements and duties of the client, a description of the call-off procedure for the services, the expected quality of the service and the acceptance criteria or criteria for proof of service fulfillment. Depending on the contractual agreement, a price / hourly rate must be specified here.

ChallengeIT explicitly makes sure that in no description and at no time instructions from the client are required, that the call for a service is always clearly regulated and practicable. Furthermore, ChallengeIT links - if possible - the service call with the requirements to be fulfilled as well as the independent, self-responsible and professional completion.

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the requirement specification describes specifically how (and with what) a requirement should be implemented (from the point of view of the service provider)

 the specifications book describes the requirements or the needs of a client (to a contractor).

What is your advantage?

A service catalog / performance catalog

      • We take over the analysis and, if necessary, the optimization of existing service catalogs.
      • We take over the creation or finalization of a complete service catalog for integration into an offer or as an integral part of the contract.
      • We integrate variations of services to be accounted according to effort or at a fixed single or total price into the catalog.
      • We implement a maintenance and administration process (at your site) to keep your services, products and service packages always correct and up-to-date.
      • We take over the complete disassembly of the offered services into individual, logical components; allow the evaluation, exact description of the achievement and the allocation of prices and quality criteria.
      • We make sure that your catalog lives and changes with you.

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