Further details regarding the consolidation of laboratories

From the perspective of the laboratory operating companies, there will be changes on the market in future, too. There are still a great number of stand-alone laboratories. To strengthen the own market power, on the one hand cooperation models, on the other hand mergers or (partial) takeovers can be useful. Besides the stand-alone laboratories there are laboratories connected with a hospital or a practice. The market share is increased by the offer to take over the task(s), e.g. through the calculated outsourcing of single tasks or the takeover of all laboratory activities.

Under the aspect of utilization of a hospital-internal laboratory, the hospital with the correct service partner gains already through the elimination of its own “idle capacities“ in the laboratory. If the hospital can integrate the services of the laboratory operator into the own processes, both sides can reap the rewards of the agreement: The laboratory operator because of an assured purchase of the services and the hospital because of a reliable and high-quality service of the laboratory operator.

ChallengeIT considers medical laboratories, hospitals and practices to be key components of the health care system and regards these uniformly as (virtual) agglomeration of medical as well as analytical experts who only through the valuable combination of their respective competences can achieve great things.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Service management for laboratory operators and hospitals - a sound service and portfolio management ensures healthy growth.

The sustainability of laboratories and hospitals depends on efficiency and quality. When a laboratory and a hospital cooperate, nothing is allowed to go wrong; every mistake has – at worst final – consequences. Therefore, the tolerance level should be close to zero. To assess efficiency means to make rendered and received service evaluable. 

We have the appropriate tools, methods and knowledge to identify, describe and standardize services so that they can be financially assessed and negotiated with customers. To do so, ChallengeIT makes use of a proven basis: a service catalogue, where all services are documented comprehensibly. It is important that both the perspective of the service recipient and of the service provider is taken into account, because in practice, they often have different expectations and objectives. This potentially causes problems of communication and comprehension. These must be excluded with service descriptions that are clear, transparent and comprehensive for all parties, including associated scopes of service, prices and – if possible – design options. From the outset, when creating service catalogues, ChallengeIT takes both perspectives into account. With the help of service catalogue(s), it shall be/become easier for the service recipients to choose and obtain needs-based services.  On the other hand, with a binding and for the service recipient consistent specification of services, the service provider shall be enabled to provide more efficient service. In the end, it is always an advantage for both sides to know what belongs to whom. If one, more, many or all services of a service catalogue are offered or requested, this sum of services is the basis of an agreement on the cooperation: the contract. In the contract, services and their quality are determined, and the rules of the cooperation are agreed on. It is especially important that expectations are verifiably met. The clarification of every detail often makes contract negotiations a lengthy effort that ties up resources and capacities in your company. In close cooperation with you, we assume the optimization and development of the agreement and put our main focus on those areas that are crucial to you. Our consultation also concentrates on finding the combination of agility, flexibility and standardization that suits your company. Standards certainly provide basic criteria, but no universal solutions. We adopt a holistic approach that aims at long-term improvement: from authorized person to reliable and competent service provider. 

A rough overview of our services:

  • Creation of new or analysis and, where appropriate, optimization of existing   service contracts and service catalogues
  • Creation of new service catalogues and contracts in cooperation with your experts
  • Support with the implementation of agreements in the organization, if necessary, with the help of third parties (as agreed)

As is generally known, contracts are only as good as they can be implemented and controlled. If needed, our consulting service continues even after the conclusion of an agreement, because already when monitoring based on appropriate key figures, new potential for improvement might become apparent. Your contract exists in a process that is supposed to continuously develop with the circumstances. Take advantage of this potential!

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Precise process optimization for laboratory operating company and hospitals – the agility of the own organization ensures the quality of the performance of tomorrow.

Part of consolidation is also the development of a service catalogue. It facilitates the set-up of an organization for its optimum fulfilment but at the same time requires the continuous testing of internal processes and, if necessary, their adaption to new requirements and circumstances. The process optimization again begins with the definition of the aim – also to make use of the right dose of the appropriate method(s). It is our aim that the process optimization becomes an inner attitude in the organization and of the employees, so that adopted measures continue to have an effect and you have a long-term benefit.

Imagine you have the chance to enlarge your business area. You only have to pull out the current service catalogue with your services that contains the input and output information, the anticipated duration, indications regarding treatments, recommendations, peculiarities as well as the price – as icing on the cake with a rebate system for delays in performance. It would take your competitors some minutes or more to make themselves only approximately comparable! 

The analysis is hereby – how could it be different in the health system – the pivotal point. It provides you with extensive knowledge of effectiveness, suitability and efficiency of the organization regarding the set goal. Current and future requirements are formulated with a view to your set goals and – just like in a therapy – recorded in a target concept. What shall be optimized and in which steps is also content of the concept that serves as success monitoring after completion.

We support you to

  • discover potentials for optimization
  • develop, formulate and implement change strategies
  • introduce and establish new services and related processes
  • train and coach in-house employees regarding services and processes
  • produce documentations (e.g. service, process and procedure descriptions etc.)

The outcome of efficient processes is often an increase in performance – however without any additional costs. To orient an organization towards a service standard is a reliable adjusting screw to achieve a higher performance target. To be a measure of continuous improvement that shows effect, it must be anchored in people’s minds and be expressed in the acting of the employees. 

The consultants of ChallengeIT support optimization processes in the organization with their competences and commitment to continue actively to have an effect so that you can always agilely – and significantly faster than a competitor – react to new chances and changes.

We facilitate this e.g. through an analysis of all tasks. There, we look for the area that completes the assigned tasks in the best way. When identified, we deduce a generic best-practice approach, document it for you and make precise additions. We implement this optimized approach to fulfill the respective task consistently at locations of your choice. It is obvious for us that existing and newly acquired knowledge remains in your company.

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What is your advantage?

Service management 

  • A compilation of the services that you offer including 
    • pricing aspects, 
    • an element chain of the components of the service and 
    • an implementation guideline for a standardization of services across different sites and countries.
  • Illustration / listing of all required source systems and available substitutes.
  • Templates and forms for the own extension of the portfolio according to strategic requirements.

We segment the offered services completely into single logical components; facilitate the allocation of prices and quality criteria, of a required minimum effort and various threshold values that mark the limit for an increase or reduction of load. This combination offers the ideal basis for a sound financial planning and facilitates a precise grip on the appropriate adjusting screw. It also allows for an optimum capacity and resource planning.

What is your advantage?

Process optimization 

  • Building of further competences of service recipients
  • Optimum preliminary work and preparations for a faster, more aimed and safer procedure
  • Aimed portfolio expansion that is integrated seamlessly into the existing service (significant reduction of the adjustment periods)

We assist you to fulfil at least the expected standard extensively for all laboratories and all parties involved. Furthermore, we help you to introduce a company standard and enable you to get a grip on services and costs with important adjusting screws. This also helps you to emphasize your image with a service pledge that illustrates that the contents always match the label!