Learning from the IT - CMDB and Big Data

The change of the primary goal from "making short-term sales" to "establishing a reliable and lasting customer relationship" has changed marketing. While marketing used to focus on sales before and in a new supply situation everything started "from the beginning", nowadays it is required to know as much as possible about customers and to actively use this knowledge. Away from the "broadcast" of non-targeted advertising towards an advertising that is rather tailored to the customer - advertise where a (follow-up) revenue is most likely.

Just as the company wants to know its customers, the associated data center has to be aware of its area of responsibility. The logical consequence: A database that contains everything. Defining a configuration item (CI) as the smallest part to which an error can be assigned can bring hardware and software components in conjunction with this part. The hardware includes a warranty, parts service, a dealer or technician, and a task within a service. Every CI is a bit like a customer for a business - it has diverse connections that could be important for a variety of reasons. A RAM memory block from a series with known defects could be replaced, if you know exactly where this series is installed. With a CMDB which knows all memory stones together with serial number, that’s no problem.

Similarly, a data center usually has methods, capabilities, and extensive experience to handle large amounts of data or to process them. Because data becomes valuable to a business, and benefits can be derived from it, perhaps now is the time to sit down with IT service providers and talk about technology opportunities and deployments. Interesting is the use of BIG DATA approaches and thus the useful connection of information with the purpose to be able to access a defined information at the right time and to use this to add value.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Data maintenance

We help you to ask the right questions and to logically and completely specify the need for evaluations. This also applies to the interpretation of the information. To do this, we dive into the world of your data together, examine the emergence and reliability of individual data and purposefully integrate useful information into specified evaluations. If you want to be able to answer any question about the analyzed data at any time, our claim is no less

In doing so, we see our task not only in selecting and usefully combining the frameworks, best practices and procedures best suited to your requirements, but also in translating them into a workable set of rules and measures. This includes the "what" (to be done in detail) as well as the "how" (to proceed) in order to ensure the desired data for your company.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

What is your advantage?

New approaches

We want you to be able to realize your ideas and be successful in the short, medium and long term.
      • We pass on specific recommendations for action and determine the priorities in consultation with you.
      • In order to benefit from the achieved standards in the long term, our activities aim at understanding, internalizing and living the agreed changes.

Use our competence and experience on your home stretch!