Versatility and flexibility make many things possible. At ChallengeIT we regularly challenge ourselves with "individual ideas" and test ourselves in a playful and learning way even in the application of selected methods.

Here are the topics and approaches that we already had in our 
"The perfect ... workshops":

  • The perfect* dog hotel
  • The perfect* soccer game on the console
  • The perfect* prevention program for old age
  • The perfect* classic car workshop
  • The perfect* ski area
  • The perfect* truffle event
  • The perfect* dive center for seniors
  • The perfect* wearable
  • The perfect* camper

Perfect*: Please note that in the workshops we first think about the idea and the perfection of the same [following design thinking method] and only in a second step we think about a budget and the financing.

So far this topic(s) have made it into the next level:

- the perfect camper [more about this follow soon]