About us

We consult companies and organizations on IT Service Management. 

To be more precise:  

  • we optimize workflows, processes, and procedures. 
  • we implement IT Service Management (ITSM); Service Integration and Management (SIAM); Compliance Management, Project Management. 
  • we perform risk-based audits in IT infrastructure, applications, and regulatory environments. 

How to collaborate? 

Within the "New Normal" - our life with Corona - we prefer to meet "online" as your guest in your existing enterprise infrastructure or bring an Office 365 environment with us to collaborate with you. 

How will ChallengeIT work in the future? 

If circumstances change, we'll be happy to meet in person again. Until that time comes and we can all be safe again, we will work from Cologne. Your (current) advantage: Former travel time turns into productive working time. This pays off for everyone involved and everyone is and remains protected in the best possible way. 

Why do we run a webshop? 

Also because of Corona. We want to be as transparent as possible regarding our portfolio and are happy to welcome interested parties and present our growing portfolio in detail. 

ChallengeIT in one sentence 

"Growing without growing" characterizes our work: We think unconventionally and we find ways to optimize the use of resources for the benefit of everyone involved. We change things! Courage to change is an inner attitude that is definitely transferable (but not contagious!).

We are "more than a match" and turn change into a head start - for your company! 

We look closely and think ahead to develop long-term solutions for the future of your organization.  

Our work is based on best practices for IT organizations and our experiences from working in different industries. 

Corona has also shown us that change and a change of perspective can take us forward. 

Everyone who was courageous enough to make an effort to adapt to change during this time, analyzed and purposefully changed their processes, organization and working methods will still come through the crisis stronger. 

Generally speaking, the use of IT should refine value creation and make it faster and easier. If you take a look behind the scenes, the opposite seems to be true: More and more people are being degraded to the henchmen of IT in their work. 

We strive to support the company's own value chain with customized IT services, to reduce pointless loops, to eliminate unnecessary work from the process and to offer a higher-quality service while retaining the same number of employees. And that also means growing without growing! 

Change is not a one-time thing, it's constant!