jan.pngJan Konnerth

„The Helmsman“
A top priority for me in my work with our clients is the ongoing provision of services. In assisting them, I am driven to efficiently and systematically meet their needs.
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katrin.pngKatrin Puechner

„The Strategist“
For every project, I have one targeted outcome in mind: to enhance the client’s range of services, safeguarding it and expanding it in exactly the way the client wants. Strategic IT is an indispensable part of the process.
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gecko_icon_120.pngSvenja Gast

„The energetic one"
I want to make my clients happy and my work should offer my customers added value. My energy has few limits. Giving up is not an option for me. My colleagues and clients know this and thus like to come to me with complex tasks. ... More About me

gecko_icon_120.pngJulia Mueller

„The Skillful Coordinator"
I like to perform the most diverse and various tasks at the same time, hence holding the threads together for a project across teams. Structuring a presumed chaos as required and keeping the overview is my motivation and complies completely with my nature. ... More about me

rainer.pngDr. Rainer Neumann

„The Pioneer“
My practical experiences help me today to identify requirements and to develop perfectly tailored solutions because only those who know the framework conditions and processes from the point of view of all parties involved can show new paths.
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gecko_icon_120.pngSophie Seifeddine

„The Organizational Talent"
My actions should be purposeful for my clients in the truest sense of the word. This means that, ideally, I will find a truly long-lasting solution to the requests of my clients, which is perfectly tailored to their individual needs. Only when my customers are satisfied, then I am too.. ... More about me

gecko_icon_120.pngMatthias Smeets

„The Diplomat"
Understanding my clients and their needs and expectations for IT projects is my first priority. To do so, the continuous exchange is very important to me, especially in difficult situations. The communication flow during and after the project should never be interrupted. ... More about me