jan.pngJan Konnerth

„The Helmsman“
A top priority for me in my work with our clients is the ongoing provision of services. In assisting them, I am driven to efficiently and systematically meet their needs.
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katrin.pngKatrin Puechner

„The Strategist“
For every project, I have one targeted outcome in mind: to enhance the client’s range of services, safeguarding it and expanding it in exactly the way the client wants. Strategic IT is an indispensable part of the process.
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rainer.pngDr. Rainer Neumann

„The Pioneer“
My practical experiences help me today to identify requirements and to develop perfectly tailored solutions because only those who know the framework conditions and processes from the point of view of all parties involved can show new paths.
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Philipp.pngPhilipp Verbeek

„The Inspirer“
My experience in the media sector taught me to be always open to new ideas. Here it is important to quickly solve unknown challenges at all times. Only those who still evaluate all significant parameters impartially can find appropriate solutions
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Nora Beketov

The Creative Mind"
I like to get to the bottom of things. Fascinating questions which at first sight seem to be insoluble are the motivation for me to get to the root of the problem and to critically investigate the reasons. I readily follow creative ways and tread new, unknown paths to find the best possible and most stable solution. 
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