Business solutions for the banking and insurance sector

Nature is our role model...


... because it is fascinating how it evolves continuously and adapts perfectly to the circumstances. For squirrels, every year the task is to ensure survival in the cold, inhospitable season. The agile rodent specializes in collecting and burying food for bad times. For nature, this has a positive side effect: the squirrel supports the rejuvenation of the forest. If it does not need or find the buried seeds that were intended to be stock, they will sprout in the spring. To find its hiding place regardless of wind and weather, the squirrel also creates optimal conditions here. In the "summer coat" the squirrel changes from head to toe; the part close to the ground therefore changes last. So even with snow and ice, it can reach its food hiding places with warm feet. In autumn, the winter coat begins to grow in reverse, from foot to head. The part close to the ground is then first. That this fact is a response to the prevailing weather and compensates for potential fluctuations is a pure supposition, but it would somehow be typical for nature. As with the squirrels, it urges people to take precautions, too. As for the squirrel, targeted provision and investment are also a good insurance for people that enable them to look positively into the future. Even if the picture may convey something else, for us a safe and functional operation of a bank or insurance has nothing to do with (pea) nuts - no - we will face this challenge together with you, as a foresight for the future and possible bad times

IT in the customer business

If a customer encounters a consultant to talk about existing or new contracts, something is certainly not far away: A stationary or mobile terminal with access to the corporate network or offline databases. For the advisor, advice is increasingly involving the possibility of selecting or entering products or tariffs and their condition(s), paired with the information provided by the customer, in standardized masks. Thus, the customer can be presented quickly and clearly in a variety of ways and in a next step ideally a transaction can be realized.

If the service provided by an IT organization aligns with the business process of the company, it should simplify matters for everyone involved. For consultants and customers, simplifying data collection and selection is a decisive advantage. The time gained can be invested in another demand inquiry. Client and consultant may win both - not least trust in each other.

In the hands of trained consultants, optimal software (based on optimal hardware) shows its true strength: an optimal process only gets better through optimal implementation!

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IT behind the scenes

As consultants and clients struggle to reconcile profitability, security and liquidity, the data centers of banks and insurance companies are eager to square the circle to meet the expectations of security, reliability, availability and cost. If e.g. a trading system of a bank or insurance fails to function, at first only a piece of control is lost. Seconds later, however, this could already result in damage for the customer and compensation could be considered. From now at the latest, the data center is in the limelight: emergency plan (and) or fault analysis, workaround, troubleshooting - everything must now be done very quickly and if possible, the question of guilt still needs to be clarified.

To be able to ensure flawless function, early detection and targeted maintenance are important components. The need for complexity reduction goes hand in hand with both.

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Learning from the IT - CMDB and Big Data

The change of the primary goal from "making short-term sales" to "establishing a reliable and lasting customer relationship" has changed marketing. While marketing used to focus on sales before and in a new supply situation everything started "from the beginning", nowadays it is required to know as much as possible about customers and to actively use this knowledge. Just as the company wants to know its customers, the associated data center must be aware of its area of responsibility. The logical consequence: A database that contains everything.

It's about recognizing what lies in secret. Understanding rapidly changing data as a whole is one of the great challenges of our time. But the installation of software or the purchase of additional hardware or the integration of a cloud solution is only the beginning of everything. Big Data is not just the installation of a solution. Rather, big data is the sensible use of information to derive added value, new business areas or organizational adjustments, so that also tomorrow changed conditions can be met

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