The dash to the finish line

IT assessments
Would you like to certify your business processes or introduce a security standard? Before you commence an official audit, a regular assessment (“pre-audit”) is the ideal way to easily achieve your goal. We support you in preparing for an audit and in the ensuing optimization process.

Effectiveness is what makes sense

As an independent company, we help you prepare for such certifications as ISO 27001 and ISO 20000: we determine your progress, assist you in eliminating weaknesses and internally and externally safeguard the effectiveness of the measures. In this work, we not only focus on achieving certification for your organization. We also make sure that the measures you are taking make sense and are effectively implemented.

Creating a long-term effect

In addition, we recommend specific steps for taking action and work with you to prioritize them. So you profit from the successfully implemented standards over the long term, our activities focus on making sure that the changes are understood, internalized and lived. Benefit from our expertise and experience as you dash to the finish line!