Key Performance Indicators

Efficiency depends on everyone involved

Key performance indicators help in optimizing IT services
In many areas of a company, key performance indicators serve as essential management and control instruments. To ensure that the process chain remains oiled and well functioning, it will become increasingly important to analyze IT key performance indicators when examining the whole picture. We draw from current parameters to define clearly measurable performance indicators – with the aim of streamlining the process of providing IT services.

Indicators for new potential

Performance indicators are necessary when measuring the effectiveness of an IT organization’s processes and in determining possible areas for optimization. We assess process results in terms of their internal and external impact and recommend improvements. In the process, we draw on such standards and best practices as the recommended indicators from ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) as well as on our own experiences.

Effectively enhancing collaboration

As external consultants, we are in the position to give you independent recommendations that facilitate smooth, structured and scalable collaboration of the highest quality. We can integrate new monitoring functions into your management system or establish a new system if needed – and actively support you in translating theory into practice.