Process optimization

Success begins in the mind

Thinking in terms of process optimization
Process optimization begins with defining an objective to ensure that the right methods are applied in the right amount within your IT organization. Our goal is to make process optimization second nature within your company – so the steps you have taken make a long-term impact and you continue reap their benefits over the long run.

From “present condition” to “future target”

The essential element in process optimization is the analysis. It tells you how effective, suitable and efficient your existing IT processes are. In working toward your desired objectives, we help you identify your present needs and future requirements and devise a target concept. Addressing what should be optimized and how, this concept also serves as a basis for measuring success.

We help you …

  • Identify optimization needs
  • Devise change strategies
  • Select the right methods (e.g., ITIL)
  • Introduce new processes
  • Train and coach employees on the job
  • Prepare documentation (e.g., policies, process explanations)

Growth without growing

Improve performance without creating additional costs
Process optimization allows you to make adjustments in the face of specific circumstances in order to achieve your performance goals. To be an effective measure of continuous improvement, process optimization must be internalized and lived. At ChallengeIT, our expertise guides our work so your organization’s optimization processes continue to perform.