jan_110.pngJan Konnerth

„The Helmsman“
A top priority for me in my work with our clients is the ongoing provision of services. In assisting them, I am driven to efficiently and systematically meet their needs.
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katrin_110.pngKatrin Püchner

„The Strategist“
For every project, I have one targeted outcome in mind: to enhance the client’s range of services, safeguarding it and expanding it in exactly the way the client wants. Strategic IT is an indispensable part of the process.
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gecko_icon_120.pngEva Fusshoeller

„The Controller"
Creativity needs controlling so the bottom line equals success. I establish the framework that encompasses both elements: a business mindset coupled with creativity, results and fun. 
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gecko_icon_120.pngSandra Weniger

„The Structuralist"
To optimize processes and applications, I need to identify and understand both internal and external relationships. This only works because I adopt different perspectives. 
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