Svenja Gast

About me

After completing my training as a veterinary assistant and subsequently working as a medical assistant in human medicine, I decided to undertake further training as a clerk in office management - I had discovered my preference for organizational and administrative tasks and wanted to continue my education in this field. Afterwards, I worked for a major automotive supplier for 4 years and, as a Site Services employee, managed a full range of 300 employees. In that position, I was responsible for time management, training, business travel and budget evaluations and learned to deal with the many different needs and requirements of my colleagues confidently and to stay on top of things even in hectic phases.

Since May 2018, I have been working at ChallengeIT as a consultant. Above all, the project work, the variety of tasks and the constant customer contact have attracted me to this job. I am highly motivated to master the challenges of a sector that is still new to me.

Qualifications (a selection)

  • completed training as a veterinary assistant
  • completed training as a clerk in office management

Favorite quote

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it's possible.“ (from Alice in Wonderland

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